for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations

Individual accompaniment: Meet with a coach who will support your leadership growth and decision-making through questions, feedback, and accountability.

Process consulting: Design systematic approaches for management teams and boards to identify and address organizational needs through observation, assessment, planning, and action accountability

Culture transformation: Assess, strategize, and implement toward alignment in organizational values, practices, and mission outcomes.

Team development: Strengthen your leadership group, staff, or board through interactive learning and relationship building activities.

Engagement retreats: Participate in get-aways hosted by ArtistryLeads or arrange for a private event to cultivate artistry in your leadership group.

Speaker/presenter: Learn through presentations and training sessions designed to address your staff, conference, or congregation. Selected topics available here.

Dirty work: Develop communication strategies for announcing difficult decisions, or enlist ArtistryLeads to be in the room with you.

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