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I worked closely with Jonathan for over a year, during which he served as our Interim Administrative Director. Grounded in his years of organizational leadership experience, Jonathan brought — to a wide range of organizational issues and processes — wisdom, thoughtfulness, honesty, focus, clarity, perspective, adaptability, knowledge of “best-practices,” and excellent facilitation. Simply put, we ended our time with Jonathan as a stronger, more-healthy organization.

— Mark Frey, Finance Manager / Administrative Coordinator, Christian Peacemaker Teams
When Jonathan is part of a group, whether as leader or one of many around a table, his voice is always heard and respected. As a leader he excels as a listener, drawing together often divergent points of view into something cohesive, actionable, and accepted by all. When working with colleagues he encourages others’ voices, adds his own, and provides an atmosphere of optimism. I worked with Jonathan in both capacities for many years; I’ve learned from him, grown with him, and very much enjoyed the experience.
— Donna Kline, former staff member and colleague
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Jonathan Shively may be the resource person you are looking for. It is my pleasure to support Jonathan in his new endeavor for I have known him and worked with him for many years. I have come to trust him, not only with his very personal way of relating, but also for the depth of his skills and insights.
If I needed someone to work with my board or staff I would call upon him to work on development, strategy, vision and goals. Jonathan can also work with an executive leader or pastor and board on a position description, on measurable goals, and specific objectives, and will help you through the search process for a new executive or key staff member for your agency.
Additionally, Jonathan has excellent background and experience in developing planning retreats, spiritual weekends, or events to enhance and enrich music and worship.
— Ralph McFadden, Executive Director, Fellowship of Brethren Homes
Jonathan was instrumental in designing our congregation’s strategic plan. His capacity to envision new ways of being and doing made this an exciting process for the committee. His gift for thoughtful analysis and creative expression helped the committee successfully share its enthusiasm with the congregation. Many strategic plans end up on the shelf; ours has had real staying power, thanks in good part to Jonathan’s contributions.

In addition to his critical thinking and organizational expertise, Jonathan brings spiritual depth to all his work. Our congregation has benefited greatly from this added dimension to his leadership skills.
— Dr. Anna Speicher, Church Board Chair
I’ve had the privilege of working as a part of Jonathan Shively’s team in denominational ministry. I have also worked with him in creating a strategic plan for an established congregation and have benefited from his presence on a start-up board for my current brand new congregation. Jonathan has that rare combination of respect for tradition and a heart for innovation. He is creative and imaginative while also being grounded and practical. If you want your organization to move forward in new and exciting ways, I’d encourage you to consult with ArtistryLeads.
— Jeanne Davies, Pastor, Parables Community