Jonathan Shively

ArtistryLeads Founder

ArtistryLeads Founder


I believe that every person in every organization contributes to the leadership of that group. Whether you are a top-level executive, middle manager, pastor, lay leader, or program genius, your ability to lead at the right time in the right way is crucial both to your personal satisfaction and the organization's success.

I have spent my whole life leading in organizations and helping others do the same. In business, education, church, and voluntary settings, I have helped hundreds of individuals embrace their leadership in support of meaningful change and accomplishment, and served numerous organizations as they innovated in pursuit of their mission.

Good leadership is far from a magic formula. Skills, knowledge and determination are essential qualities for a leader to have, but leadership also requires an intuitive flexibility. The same combination is true for vibrant organizations.

The actions that bring it all together are known as artistry.

ArtistryLeads is building the capacity of leaders and organizations to fulfill their mission with satisfaction, faithfulness, and excellence. The key to this success, I believe, is practicing artistry. 

I want to support YOU as you develop confidence in your skills, consistency in your character, and artistry in your leadership. I want to work with YOUR organization as it applies its unique strengths, adheres to its values, and acts purposefully toward its mission.

Contact me today to get started! I look forward to sharing the next steps of the journey with you.


More about the founder

Jonathan is an experienced educator, organizational leader, pastor, mentor/coach, parent, and learner. He has a unique capacity to assess and transform organizational cultures, to identify and nurture emerging leaders, to see the big picture while applying strategic actions, to listen deeply and speak directly, and to do difficult work with grace.

Jonathan's detailed work history, educational accomplishments, volunteer commitments, and skill endorsements can be viewed on LinkedIn.